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Customer Relationship Management
Business Process Management
Adherence to Policies and Procedures
Operational Transparency
Automated Accounting
Intuitive User Interface
Powerful Reporting
Prospect Lifecycle Management
System Generated Documents
Paperless Document Management
Data Center


Lodestar guides employees through the steps to get their job done, supported by a comprehensive customer management system.

Lodestar will

  • Optimize your Processes
  • Structure your Data
  • Automate your Workload
  • Reduce your Overhead Costs
  • Increase your Revenue

Customer Relationship Management

Lodestar properly links the interaction of entities in your business, organizing their information and relationships. Viewing an entity provides you with an informative summary, and every entity includes basic sections such as Comments, Detailed Information, Call History, and Current Tasks. Specific features include


  • Unlimited Contact Entries
  • Inspection Results
  • Custom Account Settings
  • Complaint Resolution


  • Financing Tracker
  • Offer History
  • Inspection Breakdown


  • Appointment Tracking and Scheduling
  • Detailed Interaction History
Lodestar has a proven record of increasing sales by maintaining a steady follow-up relationship with prospects


  • Task Tracking and Management
  • Event Calendar
  • Lodestar Permissions
Ensure that your employees are only seeing the information they need to do their job


  • Inspection Assignment Map
  • BAR Report, Franchisee Statements, and Account Invoices
  • Custom Office Settings

Business Process Management

BPM allows you to

how your business works, capturing the flow of information and effort
your processes in dynamic, rules based process trees
with explicit improvements over time, for permanent gains in efficiency and revenue

Eliminate Busywork

By automating trivial, but time-consuming tasks, Lodestar handles the details so you can focus on the big issues.
  • Automatic scheduling of inspections and customer service calls
  • Automatic event notification emails to accounts and franchisees
  • Background calculations

Forget to call back that promising prospect six months later?

Lodestar didn't.

Adherence to Policies and Procedures

Ensure Best Practices

Gather Proper Documentation

Enforce Legal Requirements

Custom Tailored to Your Company

Operational Transparency

Nothing gets lost in the shuffle

Those faxes that never arrived when people said they did, the stack of inspections that were not taken care of, the mental note that was forgotten a day later. As a consolidated repository of every activity, document, and person involved in your business, nothing slips through the cracks with Lodestar.

Detailed Activity Histories

Lodestar's detailed histories of activity keep you up to date on what's happening in your office, and allows for an easy reference of the past. It can help you answer
is happening in your office
employees are at in their duties
an account is in jeopardy


High-level timelines give a broader view of the history of an account or franchisees, listing when and why major processes have occured.

Automated Accounting

Quickbooks Integration

  • Always on
  • No exporting necessary, direct data transfer
  • Consistency of entries
  • No human input errors

Franchisee Statements and Checks

Automatic generation of franchisee statements and checks saves time and hassle.


Financing Oversight

An interactive financing panel on franchisees allows you to monitor and edit their outstanding financing and financing history

Intuitive User Interface

No Refreshing

Lodestar utilizes AJAX, a popular approach that eliminates page refreshes, providing seamless interaction with surprising speed.

Logical Layout

Information is organized with a common sense approach in mind. It's easy for users to find what they need even if they aren't experts. This logical approach results in reduced training times and a clear comprehension of business practices by employees.

Rich Interaction

  • Click-to-edit fields
  • Text autocompletion
  • Easy date selectors
  • Informative popups

Dynamic Maps

View your office, accounts, and franchisees on an interactive map, with toggle-able groups and quick information tooltips!

Powerful Reporting

Easy to use

Quick selectors and smart defaults help you view the relevant data quickly, without feeling like you're having to construct a report on your own

Easy to reference

Keep reports open to reference while using other portions of Lodestar!

Exportable to every major format

PDF, HTML, Excel spreadsheet, Word document, CSV, XML, and even Open Office!

Prospect Lifecycle Management

From prospect to customer, back to prospect, Lodestar tracks it all.
Upload lead lists from multiple sources, and watch their progress from a phone number to an account!

Structured Telemarketing

  • Automatic feeding of prospects for high efficiency
  • Call volume and outcome tracking
  • Public and private prospect categories

Pipeline Transfer

Need to transfer one employee's prospects to another? Do it with one click.

Concise History

Lodestar presents a full history of interaction with the target prospect, so you'll be prepared

System Generated Documents

Templated Documents

Save time and energy with Lodestar's templated documents. Simply click the document to generate and Lodestar fills it in with all of the proper information, ready to print.
The only missing piece is a signature.

Customizable by Office

Lodestar's default templates not quite what you need? No problem!

Localized Templates

Foreign language support allows you to generate documents for franchisees or accounts in their preferred language!

No Human Error

Lodestar's generated documents contain no spelling or punctuation errors, and its handwriting is always legible.

Paperless Document Management

Environmentally Friendly

It's simple, less paper means less trees.

Organized and Associated

Documents are available on their relevant page, an entity's document page displays all of their associated documents, so you can easily find the one you're looking for.

Nothing Lost

Nothing to file, misplace, or lose to an unfortunate spill!

Access Anywhere, Anytime

As a web application, Lodestar allows you to access documents from anywhere with an internet connection!

Permissioned Access

Sometimes documents contain confidential information, control visibility with Lodestar

Document Approval

All submitted documents go through an approval step before being accepted, so you can be confident that you are obtaining the proper, legally binding documents.



Lodestar is proud to have partnered with Listen360 in providing a hassle-free method of utilizing their surveys and referral system.
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Seamless Integration with Lodestar
  • No Exporting Necessary
  • Automatic Data Exchange
  • Visit Listen360


Syzygy is a Jacksonville, FL based software development company with focus in business process management. Syzygy develops custom software for companies, identifying their business processes, optimizing those processes, and implementing a workflow based customer relationship management system. In less technical terms, Syzygy helps businesses capture the steps they take to complete their job, become more efficient at those steps, and assist in decision making. This allows ongoing refinement and optimization of their processes, all while increasing profitability and relationships with customers.

Data Center

Syzygy's servers are located in a SAS 70 Type II and ISO 9000:2001 certified data center in Houston, TX. Allowing us to provide you with a highly available fully redundant web based office solution. Listed below are some key features of the data center.
  • Our secure data centers are monitored 24x7 to ensure your servers are always safe
  • We feature N+2 redundant data center HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) systems
  • Advanced fire suppression systems ensure any fires are localized
  • Fully redundant network architecture with no single points of failure
  • Industry-leading network bandwidth capacity: 250+ gigabits/second
  • Multiple layers of network security
  • Centralized network monitoring in the Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • Multiple concurrent, high-capacity Tier 1 bandwidth providers
  • Network POPs across 5 cities and 2 continents
" Since I started using LodeStar, the daily Operation's work has been very productive with no time wasting at all. LodeStar helps you to perform the work without missing any steps, which is very important in the Franchise business. "
Johnny Fuentes
" The efficiency in our office increased significantly with the use of Lodestar "
Susana Hariton
" Lodestar continuously improves efficiency in our office. It incorporates all office processes into an easy-to-use system for all employees to use effectively. "
Jessica Dawson
" From a management perspective it allows me to be in touch and follow through with sales and operations processes, with my staff, no matter where I am located at the time. And most importantly, checkrun at the end of the month is a breeze. "
Peter Westerkamp
" One of the things I love about Lodestar is at ANY TIME, I have the ability to know exactly what's going on in my business. "
Tony Vogel
" Lodestar has helped a great deal in operations, mainly in ensuring that inspections are done the next day after a clean, and the franchisee is given the information and can correct any cleaning issues. "
Bruce Bradley
" LodeStar has eliminated unnecessary paperwork, automated daily task management, provided real time collaboration between departments, clients, and owners, while providing management versatile reports for performance review. "
Robert Price
" Lodestar has helped our office stay proficient and accurate and therefore better service our customers as well as make our jobs much easier. The technical support is always friendly and helpful. "
Christy Walker
" My team is more organized and productive than I could have ever imagined. You don't have to be around my office long before you will hear, 'I don't know how we did this before LodeStar.' "
Thomas Carroll
" In telemarketing, Lodestar has provided a smooth calling process and increased the quality of the calls. "
Stan Godfrey
" To effectively manage accounting, prospects, sales and operations in real time makes Lodestar a great product. Customer service is available to answer any questions and I have been pleased with the level of response to our needs. "
Bill Davis
" In a process driven business, Lodestar provides a powerful real-time platform to monitor, notify and analyze cleaning performance. Lodestar mitigates the need to manage the process and allows more time to manage performance. "
Grant Pollard
" Lodestar has greatly improved our office's efficiency. Our customer service calls are being completed more often, inspections are being recorded properly, and our Franchise Owners are much happier now that their checks are double-checked by Lodestar's processes. "
Jessica Hawthorne
" I am able to plan out, track, and keep our Ops. Manager constantly informed of any last minute changes to our inspection schedule. "
Karen Favorite
" Anything that is done during the day is recorded and accounted for. Lodestar drives activity that should be done for every task, and that could be forgotten if it was not driven by the system. "
Bob Role
" The real-time function of the inspection process helps us keep on top of any possible issues by having the inspection report available to view right away. "
Karen Favorite
" One thing that I like is that it incorporates all departments into one system. This is something that is very useful when checking on customer accounts, FO prospects, Operations dept., etc. "
Carmen Garcia
" Since I started using LodeStar, the daily Operation's work has been very productive with no time wasting at all. LodeStar helps you to perform the work without missing any steps, which is very important in the Franchise business. "
Johnny Fuentes
" We have been using Lodestar for about a year and a half now. It is a great system to use, has not had any downtime at all. Having all information available on-line, including all signed and scanned legal documents, is priceless. "
Peter Westerkamp
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